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What makes your service different?

Simple, We search ALL of the Major Databases, even the ones that the Police use.  Then we take it a step further.  As licensed, and insured Private Investigators with over a decade serving residence of Virginia, we use the human element.  We will take extra steps to provide you with the most complete background check possible.  This is why we are not able to offer instant background checks.  It takes time to review, contact local courthouses, and even when necessary go to the local courthouse and retrieve the records that are not available to the general public.

What makes one background check different from another?

Every State, County, or City, reports criminal and social activity differently.  Some will not report at all, others have very limited reporting.  There is no single database that is capable of compiling all data available in one place.  Not even the Police can have complete access.  How many times have you read or heard on the news, that someone was released from custody only to find out days later that they were wanted for serious crimes somewhere else?  It happens.

If there is no real difference then why wouldn’t I use the cheapest database that I can find?

You are certainly welcome to throw away your money anywhere you like.  However think about this.  What is the motivation of the website?  TO MAKE MONEY.  They do not have an interest in providing you with a real search, they only care about getting the sale.  After all, all sales are final.


What about the sites that offer a No Hit No Pay Service?

The question to ask is what is a hit?  Confirmation that the person exists?  A partial Telephone number?  A traffic violation?  Incomplete, old, and stale data is all that is guaranteed with these services.